Come Explore With Us.


Great Northern Fly Fishing is a boutique fishing operation based out of the remote and beautiful Selkirk mountain range of British Columbia. Our lodge is just minutes away from the shores of Trout Lake, a tiny and historic community at the North end of the lake. Everything is big here. Big mountains. Big glaciers. Big rivers. Big bears. And big fish.

Our guests will be guided on some of the most remote and least-travelled rivers in BC. Fish abound: Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon and Dolly Varden Trout call these waters home. So too does the legendary Gerrard Rainbow Trout, a large and wild genetic variation that weighs in at as much as 20 lbs / 9 kg.

We are able to utilize a long and varied list of waters close to home. Some are access via helicopter only; some can be reached via truck; others are quite literally minutes away. In addition to our regular packages, we have the ability to put together bespoke experiences like multi-day float trips and remote overnight helicopter-accessed river and lake trips. Combine this with excellent food, superlative customer service, passionate and professional guides and the result is a world-class fishing experience – right here in Beautiful British Columbia.

And no, we won’t be advertising the names of the rivers and lakes that we use here! We believe strongly in preserving and protecting this special fishery. Knowing the names of many of our rivers wouldn’t help you anyhow, as you’d need significant river time, local knowledge and a helicopter to successfully fish them. We’ll also be returning every fish we catch back into the water, able to grow (we like big fish), get enticed by a fly another day and to spawn again.

The summer and fall of 2019 will be our inaugural season. Join us as we continue to explore these wild and beautiful places. Join us for a fishing adventure on water less travelled.