Great Northern operates with Kassbohrer's newest Pisten Bully 300. These vehicles are technically top of their class. The Pisten Bully 300 possesses all the features which are essential for work on the roofs of the world. From its comfortable cockpit to its powerful yet economical Mercedes Benz engine, to its robust frame structure — the 300 has been designed to operate in the most effective way possible for the demands of the severe conditions of the mountains.

Snow cat, Kassbohrer's Pisten Bully 300, travel in comfort
Our snowcats get us where we want to go, when we want, so you can travel in comfort and focus on the deep powder
snowcat, enclosed cabin, spacious, warm, top mechanical condition

Our cats are state-of-the-art

With these quiet (no ear protection necessary) and powerful snowcats, skiers have the comfort of knowing that they will be able to ski all day everyday, even when it is stormy. The fully enclosed snowcat cabin is spacious and warm. The clean, smooth, snowcat rides of 15-20 minutes give you time to relax, clean off your goggles, warm up between runs and share the day's experience with new friends.

We keep our snowcats in top mechanical condition at all times. To avoid mechanical downtime, we perform thorough daily inspections and maintenance, ensuring reliable, clean, efficient snowcats to transport you through the mountains in comfort. Our maintenance standards also ensure that our cats have the minimum possible impact on the environment in which we operate.


“Although no doubt you have heard this many times, I would stress how wonderful it is to have only one snowcat in operation during the week.”
John Martland, Canmore, Alberta