Snow Report: March 16, 2017

Snowpack: 376cm

72hr. snow: 35cm

This week’s snow: 80cm

Total snowfall: 1329cm

Average temps: -4c

WOAH!! What an incredible come back we've had in the last 24 hours!! What seemed to be looking like a wet weekend ahead; has done a complete 180 and we’re headed back to our great terrain. With the freezing level down to 700 meters, and fresh 15cm of new snow we are back to making sweet powder turns!

Snow Report: March 13, 2017

Snowpack: 357cm

72hr. snow: 45cm

This week’s snow: 75cm

Total snowfall: 1294cm

Average temps: -1c

Don’t let the weather reports scare you ─ sure, it’s raining in the valley, but it’s all coming down as fantastic snow up above! It’s piling up as fast as we can measure it, and our tracks are disappearing as quickly as we can lay them down.

With killer runs through Mid Glen over toward the Front Side and all the way down Mohawk we have lots of ground to explore and shred! Yeah sure the snow is getting a bit heavier in spots but it’s just like skiing on sweet, sweet butter right now!

Thanks to daylight savings for giving us more hours and sunshine to ski all over Great Northern breathtaking terrain!

Snow Report: March 6, 2017

Snow pack: 337cm

72 hrs.: 54cm

This week's snow: 86cm

Total snowfall: 1191cm

Average Temp: -5c

After an epic storm cycle, we are almost at 12 meters of total snowfall for the season! Our latest storm brought in classic POW, just the way we like it, deep, light and dry. With killer runs down inside Cariboo, right side 3D Point, into Lone Pine and Triple Ripple into left Gully Gully, we were covered in the goods. Our new zone popping off, there is lots of space to roam meaning …. we’re still laying down untouched lines. And hey, who can argue with sunny days under bright blue skies?! An awesome week here at Great Northern and with some snow in the forecast we are looking towards more deep powder!

Snow Report: March 2, 2017

Snowpack: 318cm

72hr snowfall: 24cm

This Week’s snow: 32cm

Total snowfall: 1095cm

Average temps: -6c

With a fresh 23cm yesterday and heaps more headed our way we are set for some magnificent powder skiing! Conditions are prime right now, with overhead face shots, cold temperatures keeping the powder light and fluffy, no winds and stunning views we are having a time with our powder perfection! New zones have opened in the Cauldron and Lower Glen with tons of untouched terrain, phenomenal lines and best yet…. POWDER!! Yeah, it’s tough to beat – great turns with great friends!

Snow Report: February 22, 2017

Snow Pack: 312cm

72hr Snow: 30cm

This Weeks: 73cm

Total Snowfall: 1058cm

Average Temp: -6c

What a week!

We started it off with a continuation of last week’s sunshine and beautiful blue skies, laying down long sweet lines on the Mountain. With calm conditions and no wind skiing on some hero powder. What it all boils down to is more epic skiing, with a few face shots and lots of fast, fabulous powder skiing back on the menu the last couple of days!