Brent is irreplaceable:

However – the existing team of competent individuals is a perfect example of Brent’s example. They have always exceeded our expectations and the new motto seems to be “Exceed the Exceptional".

The guiding hands on the mountain, including ‘Cat Man” Walker, are safety conscious, condition savvy, terrain smart and fun.

The Lodge crew know service ethic principles as life skills – they continue to be attentive, considerate, warm and welcoming. The food is excellent.

This continues to be the kind of place you can bring your kids, your grandkids, and your friends with the quiet assurance that once they arrive everything is in place for an unforgettable ski experience.

With Deep Gratitude, the Gehrke Crew, January 2017


“Great Northern = Great snow, Great terrain, Great food, Great ski week”

Just returned from another wonderful week at GN. The new owners expressed a strong desire to preserve the magic Brent has created and maintained over the last 30 years. He took what mother nature created here and turned it into a sustainable business that has kept many of us returning year-after-year. Thanks Brent!

As always, you can expect phenomenal light powder, great terrain, safety conscious guides and great food. Fortunately, the new management team from Norquay knows Brent, has skied GN and is interested in making the experience better, not different.

Our guides Patrick and Eliel did a great job picking runs, back at the lodge Lucie made us feel perfectly at home while Janine kept us more than well-fed. Thanks to all the fine, dedicated staff and the new management team for another great ski week at GN!

-Gregory W, January 2017

"Thanks guys for a wonderful ski holiday.  I appreciate your taking great care of us and keeping us safe.  The food & service was awesome and I look forward to coming back ASAP."

- Jonathan Kraus, February 2016

"Amazing experience.  Great lodge, food, staff, and guides.  Thank you Brent."

- Rick Gould, February 2016

"Thanks for an amazing trip!  We loved every aspect of this adventure!!  Great work by the staff.  Many thanks!!"

- John & Rebecca, February 2016

"Once again a great experience.  Now the 7th visit to GN and a 21 year history.  Hope to be back again soon!  Thank you Brent and the team."

Bernt Andersson, February 2016

"Dear Brent and Team, We could not imagine a better time than our 3 days spent with you.  Every moment, we felt so very cared for.  Beautiful food, a soft down comforter, many turns on silky deep snow, landscapes that took our breath away.  The ski days were spectacular, the guiding was sensitive to our needs and we loved it all.  Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you for a wonderful time."

- Sandy & Don, January 2016

"Thanks again for another great week at GREAT NORTHERN.  Company, friends, house, turns, food, all the best as usual.  24th year in a row and it always exceeds my expectations.  Lots of love and wishing lots of snow."

- Mike Burton, January 2016

"What a fabulous 6 days of Great Northern Powder.  It's a great way to end 2015 and begin 2016!! Can't beat it.  Thank you to all of the staff, you are all a delight!!"

- Annie Moore, January 1, 2016

""Well, how do you describe perfect?  Great team, great companionship, great skiing, great experience in every way.  This cannot be replicated.  Deep thanks to all."

            - Hugh & Ren, New Years week 2015-2016

"The way everyone worked as a team was excellent to watch.  The food was 10/10!  Thank you for providing a great experience."

- Tyler Martineau, January 2015

"Thank you for the first, second and third best ski days I've ever had"

- Kyle, January 2015

"Thank you so much for such a great time here in the mountains. We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable and homey experience. You all made us feel so at home and the skiing was amazing. You have some beautiful terrain here and we're so glad we got to experience it.  Hope to be back soon!!"

- the people of Evans Hunt (Rob, Jim, Kyle, Kara, Ian, Britny), January 2015

"Even though it was only a few days, it reminded me why I always love coming here.  Along with great snow, and great skiing (always), the friendliness of the staff and the great food every day makes it a good atmosphere for relaxing and building friendships.  Thank you so much for a great time.  Dan, Chris and Pat, thanks for keeping me safe and picking me up out of the snow.  Chema and Alina, for being my partner, Catherine and Lucie for great hospitality, and Brent for being Brent..... Love you all."

- Gary Rowles, February 2015

"Thank you GNSS for the wonderful experience.  We found the entire staff to be friendly, welcoming, energetic and interesting to converse with.  This was our first snowcat experience and it is one we will never forget.  We hope to be back again soon."

- Steven & Wendell Samoil, February 2015

"Another fantastic week of the world’s best powder. From the welcoming first moments we stepped into the lodge we were greeted and kindly cared for by such capable hands. Thank you Peter for another fine week of great cuisine. I love your soups. Also for the skilled and knowledgeable guides, Brent, Dan and Chris. You ALL ROCK!!"

– Anne Moore, January 2014

"We rate the staff a “BO” 10. Thank you all for your smiles and taking care of our every need. The Great Northern “experience” is hard to articulate. Just know that you all are the reason we keep coming back every two years since 1998."

– Greg Hamilton, January 2014

Brent and Staff
"Thank you very much for a wonderful 3 days and lifetime of memories. VERY SPECIAL!! What attention to detail and while making it all feel very casual. Very “Canadian” experience for us boys!"

– Jim, Jack, Larry, Trevor, & Don, January 2014

To all the Great Northern Staff,
"Thanks for the wonderful time. The friendly faces, fresh tracks and delicious meals will make for great memories to carry me through the rest of the Toronto winter (and humid summers too). Hope to be back soon."

– Shane G., February 2014

Dear Billie Lou,
I just got back from my trip to GN and I wanted to report what a fabulous crew you have at the Lodge.  Everyone was working their tails off to make our experience the best, and it was.  I know they are shorthanded but that did not get in the way of delivering great service and a kind and caring touch.  Peter and Eva did an excellent job of putting out fine meals every day along with the care we got in the lodge.  Brent, Chris and Valerie were challenged with extremely varied conditions but still found some great snow for us to trounce in.  There was just sooooo much snow.  Wow.  You can be proud of all of them.  Hang in there all of you and thank you so much for making my vacation so FUN.  

– Annie Moore, February 2014