Become a ski bum for a week
in the backcountry


Great Northern Snowcat Skiing does things a little differently. It's laid back. We don’t count runs, vertical or watch the clock. We ski deep powder until the sunlight or our guests’ energy runs out. Small groups of up to 14 skiers come here to ski and relax, not shop and sip lattes. Out here in the backcountry you can unplug, kick back and become a ski bum for a week, but eat way better.


Deep snow. Gourmet meals. Ping Pong.


Every day at Great Northern is about the best ski day you could image, from waking up to a huge breakfast to carving S-turns through Selkirk powder to capping off a four-course gourmet dinner by beating your friends at Ping Pong.



Every day starts with a wake-up knock at the door and a cheerful, “Good morning.” Follow the smell of fresh baking to the table for a big breakfast – no two meals at Great Northern are the same. The snowcat arrives pre-loaded with your ski gear at 8:00 a.m. Your warm up run starts from Bo Ridge or Echo Point, which are great spots for sunrise photos. From there, the snowcat will head in the direction of the best snow.


After plowing your way down a run like Billy Whiskers or weaving through powder-dusted trees along Mountain Goat Creek (last resting place of the Arc of the Covenant), it’s time for a quick lunch slope side. Your afternoon might start with a wide-open cruiser off the saddle that rolls and dips down the fall line towards Mowhawk gully. Then float down the Bucking Chutes that funnel into the Gold Finger glades. We’ll find you the best snow during your stay.


After you take the ski-out back to Great Northern Lodge, you have a little bit of downtime before dinner. This is the time to swap wipeout and powder stories in front of the fireplace. At 6:30 p.m. sharp, the dinner bell will summon you to the table for a four-course feast. After dinner you can watch a movie, read a book, drink, sleep and play eight-ball in any order you wish. Some like to stay up late and socialize. Others like to tuck in early.