Lift lines...pffff. Try two whole mountains to yourself.


Great Northern occupies a 75 square-kilometre chunk of snowforest in the Bad Shot range of the Selkirk Mountains.The variety of the terrain is the best part of skiing here. Our guests have two whole mountains all to themselves: Great Northern and Thompson. Great Northern has rolling, alpine meadows at the top that lead down into steep, perfectly spaced glades. The runs on Mount Thompson are wide open and north facing, which comes in handy later in the season because they’re out of the sun. Over the past 37 years, we’ve skied every ridge and gully to find the best snow in all types of conditions. 


We're famous for our tree skiing and infamous for the run names 


There is a funny story involving a guest or guide behind every run name – Billy WhiskersGrandma’s Panties and Obscene Knob are a few of our favourites. Do or say something hilarious and we just might name a run after you.