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Skiing & Riding

Located in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, Great Northern Snowcat Skiing occupies a 75 square-kilometre chunk of snowforest in the Bad Shot Range of the famed Selkirk Mountains.The variety of the terrain is the best part of skiing and snowboarding here. In fact, you'll have two whole mountains all to yourself. No lineups, no life tickets, no problems.


The Great Northern Lodge feels like a ski lodge should. Warmth from a wood-burning fireplace welcomes you in. It’s comfortable, but not too fancy. You’ll feel right at home putting your feet up, relaxing by the fire with friends, and sitting down for meals with guests and guides at our dining room table. It’s your home in the middle of snowhere.


At Great Northern we get an unbelievable amount of snow, with upwards of 50 feet each year. Skiers and snowboarders come here from all over the world to carve the best turns of their lives in the deepest snow, with terrain that includes wide-open bowls, faces, shoulders, and old-growth forest. It's epic backcountry skiing you'll remember for a lifetime.

The Trip

Every day at Great Northern is about the best ski day you could imagine. You'll wake up to a huge breakfast in our cozy lodge, spend the day carving S-turns through Selkirk powder with one of our experienced guides, cap off the evening with a four-course gourmet dinner and then crash in comfort so you can wake up refreshed and ready to do it all over again!

Our Story

At Great Northern Snowcat, we're proud to be the world's oldest owner-operated backcountry ski operation. Founded in 1971, we specifically chose to build here because of the incredible powder conditions and terrain. Since then we've had thousands of skiers and riders from all over the world experience some of the best backcountry skiing Canada has to offer.

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