Booking Terms & Conditions


I. Reservation policies and conditions

A. Deposits

A $1,000.00 CAD deposit per skier is required for each reservation. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. however deposit payments may be transferred to substitute skiers found by the skier as outlined in section (F) below. We strongly recommend cancellation insurance for your own protection. (Please see paragraph II below.)

B. Release

As this is a wilderness ski experience, please be aware that many variables to do with mountains and weather are at play and we do not guarantee a 100% risk-free adventure. Each skier's reservation is conditional on his signing the “Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement”.

C. Reservations

Reservations may be made by telephone, email or regular mail and are confirmed upon receipt by Great Northern of the required deposit.

D. Payment balance

The payment balance is the amount due after paying the deposit. The payment balance must be paid to Great Northern one hundred & twenty (120) days in advance of the arrival date. If Great Northern does not receive the payment balance required on time, the reservation will become available to the next guest on the waiting list.

E. Payment terms and conditions

  1. A non-transferable, non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 CAD per person will hold your reservation up to one hundred & twenty, (120) days prior to your arrival date.

  2. The balance payment is due one hundred & twenty (120) days prior to your arrival date. You will receive a payment reminder from our office two weeks prior to the due date.

  3. If full payment is not received by the due date then your space will be released

  4. If a skier cancels his reservation less than one hundred & twenty (120) days in advance, then only if a substitute is found, is the payment balance refundable or transferable.

  5. We reserve the right to cancel any ski package, or any portion of a ski package, at any time. Full refund will be given in this event, but under no circumstances is the company responsible for the skiers' inconvenience or travel expenses.

F. Finding substitute skiers

  1. Substitute skiers may be found by the skier for deposits

  2. Substitute skiers may be found by either Great Northern or the skier for balance payments.

  3. A substitute skier is “found” when a reservation is confirmed by Great Northern.

  4. For purposes of determining eligibility for refunds or transfers, substitute skiers found by the skier will be assigned specifically to the skier and substitute skiers found by Great Northern will be assigned to the skier in the same sequence that his and other skiers' cancellation notices are received by Great Northern.

  5. Skier cannot claim as a substitute skier found by him someone previously reserved with Great Northern for the dates involved.

  6. Substitute skiers found by Great Northern do not include persons Great Northern could have accommodated in any 6 day, 3A or 3B package, regardless of the skier's cancellation.

  7. Great Northern cannot promise that a substitute skier will be found for any cancellation.

G. Interruption of skiing

If the skier's vacation is interrupted for any reason, including injury to the skier, this is treated as a cancellation by the skier.

H. Places for payments and notices

All payments must be to our Calgary, Alberta office and all notices must be in writing and received in our Calgary, Alberta office.

I. Arrival

It is your responsibility to arrive at the ski area on the dates and times outlined in the confirmation advice you will receive.

J. Currency

Payment and pricing is in Canadian Dollars. We except credit cards, (Visa or Mastercard), personal cheques, Canadian Money Orders (payable to Great Northern), a bank wire or email transfer as form of payment for your ski package.

II. Cancellation and medical insurance

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance to cover your ski week. Trip Cancellation Insurance may in most cases be made through your own insurance agent, however, if you prefer, we would recommend you contact either our office or Sanderson Travel Insurance, www., who is our primary carrier for our insurance needs. We will send you complete insurance information when you make your reservation.

Medical Insurance: We recommend you carry insurance to cover hospital and helicopter ambulance evacuation expenses. In the case of an injury, helicopter ambulance evacuation expenses will be charged to the injured party. If you are from outside of Canada, make sure that your medical insurance covers you while you are in Canada. Medical insurance can be also be purchased through Sanderson Travel Insurance.

Personal Insurance: We recommend you carry insurance to cover loss of baggage, skis and personal belongings, due to airlines or unforeseen accidents. If you are from outside of Canada, make sure that your personal insurance covers you while you are in Canada.

III. Skiing and safety policies and conditions

When required for the skier's safety, our ski guides will give specific instructions. These instructions must be followed.

IV. Skis

Skis are available. The skier should indicate ski needs in advance. Payment if required will be requested at the mountain. Contact the Office for a list of what is available.

V. Mechanical Failure

If the skier is unable to ski because of mechanical failure on the part of Great Northern's equipment, Great Northern liability is limited to refunding a pro-rated portion of the amount of money the skier has paid Great Northern, based upon the amount of accommodation, meals and skiing missed by the skier.

VI. Emergency Assistance

In the event an injured skier requires assistance, the cost of that assistance is the skier's responsibility.