Snow Report: December 23, 2015

Snowpack: 265cm

This week's snow: 30cm

Average temperature: -4 C

SWEEEEET!  That's about the only way to describe the situation up here.  The numbers don't lie --- winter is happening big time!  We're in full swing building cat roads, and just barely shoveling fast enough to keep the lodge from disappearing under all the big fat flakes that keep on falling.  Yesterday's trip up the mountain revealed over 2.5 meters of settled snow on the ground already (yup, that's a lot!) and it's just begging to be skied!  Yeah, pack your snorkels, 'cause it's looking DEEP and getting deeper, with the forecast saying nothing but snow, snow, and more snow over the next week.  What else can I say?  Our arms may get tired from the shoveling, but our legs are strong and ready to lay down some fat powder turns --- and who could ask for a better Christmas present than that...