Snow Report: February 10, 2017

Snowpack: 295cm

72hr. snow: 55cm

This week’s snow: 100cm

Total snowfall: 920cm

Average temps: -6c

Another epic ski week is upon us, and the storms just keep rolling on in like a runaway freight train. Yeah, the Powder Express is here!
It’s piling up as fast as we can measure it, and our tracks are disappearing as quickly as we can lay them down. It’s real nice, and only getting nicer, and though we haven’t seen the sun in days, it’s all good ─ up here, face shots beat sun tans any day of the week! Snorkels are at the ready, and we’re going diving, right into a sea of deep powder goodness. And as for the sun, it can stay on the beach, all the way until May ─after all, we won’t see it through all that snow anyway…