Snow Report: December 31, 2015

Snowpack: 275 cm

This week's snow: 15 cm

Average Temperature -8C


Light, dry and deep. It has been one of the best starts to the season we have seen in years. After a day of overcast weather the skies parted and we have been skiing bluebird waist deep powder! With an average snowpack of just below 3 m we are able to ski lines that we can't normal touch until Feb. Life is good and the skiing is better at Great Northern right now!

Snow Report: December 23, 2015

Snow Report: December 23, 2015

Snowpack: 265cm

This week's snow: 30cm

Average temperature: -4 C

SWEEEEET!  That's about the only way to describe the situation up here.  The numbers don't lie --- winter is happening big time!  We're in full swing building cat roads, and just barely shoveling fast enough to keep the lodge from disappearing under all the big fat flakes that keep on falling.  Yesterday's trip up the mountain revealed over 2.5 meters of settled snow on the ground already (yup, that's a lot!) and it's just begging to be skied!  Yeah, pack your snorkels, 'cause it's looking DEEP and getting deeper, with the forecast saying nothing but snow, snow, and more snow over the next week.  What else can I say?  Our arms may get tired from the shoveling, but our legs are strong and ready to lay down some fat powder turns --- and who could ask for a better Christmas present than that...

Snow Report: February 5, 2015

Snowpack: 232cm
72hr snow: 31cm
This week’s snow: 36cm
Total snowfall: 707cm
Average temps: around -5c

It’s back! That’s right, sweet powder skiing has returned after a brief hiatus, and last week’s challenging conditions have quickly faded into memory. With fresh snow every day this week — of the light, dry and delicious variety — we’re laying down sweet fast turns throughout the vast mountain playground that surrounds us, and it’s been getting better every day. We’ve racked up a couple of “firsts” for the season this week — first run into Lower Glen Basin, and first turns of the year in the little slice of heaven known as… Nirvana! It lived up to its name on Wednesday, as we blazed trail through absolute hero snow, down the perfect fall line of many peoples’ favorite run! Brent’s been hard at work pushing snow over the Camel Humps, opening the gateway to alpine wonderland of The Moon. Life is good up here — come join us! We’ll be happy to show you around…

Snow Report: January 29, 2015

Snowpack: 222cm
72hr snow: 0cm
This week’s snow: 33cm
Total snowfall: 671cm
Average temps: around +3c

Well, sometimes the truth hurts, and this is one of those times! After last week’s feast of epic powder skiing, this week’s conditions have been a little bit… “sub-optimal”. With rain falling to the mountain tops last weekend throughout the region, and above-freezing temperatures lingering through most of this week, the name of the game has been enjoying great friends, wonderful food, and the fresh mountain air. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, however, as the warm tropical storm has moved on, cooler temperatures are moving in, and the current forecast is calling for snow beginning on the weekend or early next week. Cross your fingers and do your snow dance — with a little luck, deep powdery goodness will be back on the menu in no time…